Shower – Johanna Kuvaja (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If you like your pop music brilliantly infectious, musically sharp, sweetly delivered and just cheeky enough that it makes it past the moral guardians of the mainstream without causing a stir, this is for you. Johanna Kuvaja‘s debut single is the perfect blend of 80’s, Hit Factory era pop only with a more modern spin and less innocent vibe and the result is a track that seems both timeless and right on the money. 

Pop gets a bad press sometimes, elitist writers and punters looking down their rock and roll noses or down from their ivory, indie towers will often do their best to pick fault in the chosen genre, but I think that any music which sets out to fulfil the genre’s brief shouldn’t be faulted. And the brief of this sort of music is to merely be addictive; Shower is certainly that!

Yes, there is a time when you want to engage with deep and meaningful lyrics, when you want to bathe in the cinematic elegance of music, but sometimes you just want to have fun, order a cocktail with a suggestive name, hit the dance floor and forget all about the working week. This is a song for that very occasion. A quick hit but one that you are not going to tire of any time soon, the perfect balance between artistry and flirting, not a Venn diagram that you find yourself imagining all that often!

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