Shining Through  –  ReLoVe (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Funny how when we hear the term “world music” we automatically think of some niche music probably aligned with a specific tradition or culture, Mongolian throat singing, flamenco guitars, Japanese drum troupes and the like. But surely world music should just be something with universal appeal, that falls less into a generic furrow and more into a wider global category. ReLoVe’s latest offering perfectly typifies such an idea.

Yes, it mixes recognisable reggae beats, pop infectiousness and funky grooves, you can always pick music apart and point at specifics…I do it all the time…but Shinning Through is best looked at from much further back, only then can you truly appreciate just how great it is.It drips with positivity, unity, togetherness, hope and fun. Hang on, there must be a word to sum such ideas up more succinctly. Ahh yes…LOVE! It positively oozes  love…go anywhere near this song and you find yourself covered in the stuff. And any song that does that should be instantly made into a global anthem, something we can all consider a standard that we can all line up behind…someone start a petition, right now!

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