Shine_Your_Love__Final_Single_Coverhigh1400x1400I’m not sure why we feel the need to specifically label devotional music as a separate genre from secular. Gospel? Christian rock? What does it all mean? After I all I don’t remember anyone feeling the need to call The Beastie Boys Buddhist Rap or label Pink as Passover-Pop. All that really matters for Kathryn Shipley is that her faith and her love of music can come together in such a wonderfully complimentary way and I really doubt that she cares what anyone else thinks on the matter.
What is obvious though is that such a meeting of two very important parts of her life is able to such personal create music, but which whilst being the perfect carrier for her world-view and beyond, also speaks to the secular listener. The core of Gospel music is built from much of the same elements as soul music and Shine Your Love is a perfect example of a song that straddles the boundaries of the two.

It is a soft and subtle song, one that sits easy on the ears yet has a message that can’t be ignored, but neither does it ever feel as if it is preaching. It is based on love, sentiment, faith and emotion, and is celebratory without being too obvious about it. And whilst Kathryn is blessed with a wonderfully powerful and resonant voice it is an inherent sensitivity, which shines through the song more than anything.

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