blaak-heat-shifting-mirrorsYes, I’m always banging on about how pointless generic tags and labels are, especially in this largely post genre world. But then again when I pick up a press release for a band described as “Parisian avant-garde psych desert metal” how can I not go there, I would defy anyone to pass by such a description without at least checking it out…maybe labels do work.


Blaak Heat is the sound of worlds colliding, desert worlds at that as Southern California stoner rock and middle eastern tones and progressions are feed into the musical equivalent of the Large Hadron Collider and fired at impossible speeds into each other. The resulting explosion is one of hard metallic riffs and kaleidoscopic psych-rock grooves but as the noise dies down you hear the luscious oriental beats and spiralling arabesque patterns that lay at its heart. Or as guitarist Thomas Bellier puts it : “We took our favorite Middle Eastern sounds, and reinterpreted them through the prism of our cultural baggage – weird European psychedelia, a healthy dose of vintage hard rock, experimental jazz… we were able to mix loud fuzz guitar tones along with traditional acoustic instruments, such as the oud and the kanun.”


It is technical yet emotive, thunderous yet subtle, it is the sound of occident meeting orient and it is gloriously inventive.

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