Glossing over the fact that the cover art that accompanied the single is of a man in his underwear with the word Wood emblazoned next to him at crotch level…perhaps I’m reading something a bit too childish into all of this…Shelter is a wonderfully dynamic slice of rock. A slow burning and moody piece that runs between delicate and spacious rhythms to anthemic, foot on the monitor crescendos. It swirls around in a generic eddy where classic rock structures mix with darker, grungier swagger, where alt-rock gets a more accessible make over.

They say that there is nothing new under the sun but that isn’t a problem, not everything has to break the mould and sometimes it is enough to just take rock traditions, give them a bit of a polish and offer it up afresh to the audience of the day. And that is exactly what Wood do here. You can see its heritage, it is happy to wear its generic heart on the sleeve of its scuffed leather jacket but the reason that it works is that most basic and honest of reasons. It’s just well written. Hooky, deftly played, the perfect balance of power and poise. There is a reason why so many bands are still writing songs in such a style, why there is a reluctance to tamper too much with the classic rock template. ‘Cause if it ain’t broke….

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