She Told Me – Paul Haas (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

You could make a valid argument that country music, much like the blues, can only really be sung by someone with more than a few miles on the clock. How else are you going to fill songs with the requisite life-experience. Pop singers might wax lyrical about first loves and do so as if they were talking about their first phone, rock singers can just make up their tall tales and bragging bravado, but country music has to be a lived-in experienced which is why it takes a more worldly artist like Paul Haas to inject it with the necessary weight and authenticity.

Big hats and pick-up trucks to not a country artist make but when Paul Haas sings of the realities of love and loyalty, you believe him. He takes a folky song, wraps it in a country groove and then accessorises it with bluegrass motifs, chiming mandolins, and rousing and sweeping fiddles. But what really does the trick is that it is all so believable. If a song can look you straight in the eye you can always tell it it is coming from an honest place. And this is the real deal. 

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