Music is a time machine, it’s as simple as that. Just the opening refrain of one of your favourite songs can transport you back to a time and place, evokes memories and faces, sounds and sights, both smile-inducing and bittersweet, whistful, joyous and reflective.

And that is what is being celebrated in this latest release from the wonderfully named, It’s Karma It’s Cool. Conjuring images of the earliest days of rock and roll, of acts like Elvis being beamed into your home via a crackling, late night radio, a time of innocence and adulation, and just a slight hint at the darker forces below its shimmering surface. A power-pop celebration of the power of music whilst adding to the musical canon of music, a song which might have the same nostalgic powers in the future for those listening today. How meta is that?

And like everything that the band does, it is immediately infectious, easily accessible and sonically fun, the perfect blend of solid melodies and pop addictiveness. What more could you ask for?

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