Only some people need to hit the dance floor and shake their thing. But those people still deserve good dance music. And that is the selling point of this latest track from Mystic Fog Garden. It is, as they so eloquently put it, “a dance in your head, even without getting on the dance floor.” Which is fair enough if you ask me. And by reading this review, you kinda did!

So, whether you are one of those people who like to hit the dance floor and cut a rug, as I believe the kids say, or prefer a more wall-flower-like existence, Mystic Fog Garden makes music for you. And ShapeShifting Dancing Me is a dance track perfect for all occasions, from cutting-edge, downtown, ultra-hip club to a family gathering or formal event after-party; it has it all.

Infectious beats, euphoric vibes, cool and sensual vocals, depth-charge bass pules and evocative rhythms. It is accessible, easy to love and fun. Exciting and engging. In fact, when I said above that it is perfect for dance hall groovers and wallflowers alike…Trying to remain a wallflower whilst this is playing is no easy ask. Try it…I dare you.

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