Much music toys with innuendo and makes furtive suggestions, and perhaps even generally causes a raised eyebrow or two. BlackWing doesn’t bother with any of that calculated coyness; instead, it is open and honest…brutally so about what it wants to say.

BlackWing makes industrial music that leans into Darkwave musical drama uses electronic instruments to create a new age and alternative symphonies, and draws stark and strident sonic lines across the musical landscape.

But it is the lyrics which are the starkest aspect of the songs. They never shy away from the suggestive and the sexual; even their own lines in innuendo leave little to the imagination, and suffice it to say that they only need single entendres to get their point across.

The ep is a triple salvo of suggestion and sonic delight. Fall in Sex deals with the idea of lust above lust and does so under blends of doomy electronica, warped vocals and matter-of-fact deliveries. Love Is A Fetish is even more direct, firing off scuzzy and affected beats and beguiling electronica as it again delivers some honest and hedonistic thoughts.

Such a Wreck buts the record to bed, buoyant and bubbling electronic pulses connected by primal drums and, again, the now trademark nonchalant and slightly world-weary vocal treatments.

This is music which isn’t afraid, to be honest, and BlackWing isn’t scared to say what is in its head…actually, what is, from time to time at least, in all of our heads. If you are tired of music which skirts around the issue, which offers a sanitised vision of the world, which is willing to compromise to get a more leisurely ride, then you need BlackWing in your life. No matter who you are, your life will be improved by honesty and integrity, not to mention the adventure and edge of this music.

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