The ability to create lush and lustrous soundscapes is a fine art indeed. Thrashing guitars and filling the creative space with impactful and impatient sounds is something that any musician worth their salt (and just as many who aren’t) can do. Weaving sounds into delicate and dexterous, pleasing and purposeful soundscapes takes an exceptional artist. Thankfully, Rezo is a band made up of two such splendid fellows.

Sew Change is the second album from Colm O’Connell and Rory McDaid, working under this moniker. Although it is easy to describe their music, perhaps as hushed Americana or ambient indie folk, even those descriptions go only so far in explaining how great their sound is.

They dance delicately through the sort of sonic realms that the likes of Eels, Sparklehorse and even Wilco have occasionally called home and do so with a rare grace. Side By Side sees them in jaunty, alt-country mode, all rhythmic guitars and eerie slide evocations, a song of unity and support, whilst Colourblind slow burns its way from minimalism and understatement to ecstatic rock highs. Sometimes sees them take their signature sound into almost pop realms (imagine if songs such as this became the norm rather than the identikit, dance routine driven, guest rapper dross that seems to be all that is on offer for today’s pop-dollar), and Erays is an ambient electro-jaunt through cancel cultures pitfalls and politics. I’m Not Enough even has a whiff of solo Lou Reed about it. How cool is that?

Just the musical references were enough to get me interested in listening to this record but once invested, it is clear that it is less a case of Rezo being influenced by such luminaries and more producing music which stands shoulder to shoulder with those iconic musical forerunners. And that takes some doing! But they do it. Here. On this album. You should give it a spin. Now!

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