The wonderfully named Ranzel X Kendrick continues his Freestyle Folk adventure with a song that dovetails cowboy campfire songs, hippie looseness and more than a few Celtic vibes into a relaxed take on the southern sound. Forget the rigidity and glitter of Nashville, this is the sound of honest music being made for all the right reasons. 

As I have said before Kendrick reminds me of that time when a bunch of cosmic country players turned on, tuned in and dropped out under the influence of the west coast hippie movement and then proceeded to sell that back to the more formal country scene, ushering in a new alternative version of the genre and a bunch of beatnik country stars were born, stars who went on to great commercial success.

Seguin Son of a Gun seems to swagger along under its own direction rather than drive or groove too hard, it is full of attitude and nonchalance but not the sort that is picking for a fight, more it just ambles along saying, this is who I am, both lyrically and musically, take it or leave it. I’ll take it thank you.

Backwoods perhaps but never backwards. For all its reworking of tradition sounds and redressing of familiar sonic stylings, Seguin Son of a Gun, is keeping a more outlaw element, a more subversive and freewheeling grassroots country sound alive. And that can only be a good thing…right?

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