To try to define an album like Seeker generically is a difficult affair. Although rich in blues textures and folk tones it also seems to pulse with soulfulness, an old school Americana sound and plenty of country licks. And, like any album worth its salt, it is more than the sum of those parts too. Much more.

Although originally from California, DeMeyer had built her career in Nashville and her relocation back to San Francisco, as well as having to face some life-changing events in her life, left her lost and looking for a place in these new surroundings. Seeker is that search expressed in song.

Again gravitating to multi-instrumentalist Jano Rix as the choice for collaborator and producer, the result feels like “Sly Stone meets Bob Dylan,” a blend of folk honesty mixed with a smooth soulfulness and on the more understated tracks, such as the graceful and gorgeous Louisiana, no small echo of the likes of Nora Jones. Cat Man Do is a slow blues rock groover, Already In is folk music boiled down to its very essence, Aint No Mister is a jazzy gem and Wishbone blends country cool with mainstream commerciality to great effect.

As DeMeyer herself has noted, art often comes from struggle, and here, although these songs might be built on personal challenge and emotional turmoil, she has turned those experiences into a series of truly gorgeous and memorable songs.

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