Sea of Skies – Fossa (Fantastic Plastic Records) reviewed by Dave Franklin

10429391_10152699800387409_6950712302026702301_nFossa’s music seems to be constructed from primal building blocks, or at least the musical embodiment of such natural phenomena; the lilting ripples of a stream, the swirling mists of a dawn, the patter of spring rain and the howl of a rising wind. Across Sea of Skies their music ebbs and flows, sometimes effortlessly gentle, sometimes strangely angular and occasionally managing to do both within the confines of the same song.


What I love about Fossa is their ability to take sounds that we are all familiar with, turn them on their head and use them to conjure truly original music into existence; melting together hazy vistas of ambient desert blues, a distant resonance of post-punk soundscapes, washed out vocals that hang across the music rather than punch through it and a general feeling of making music outside of the considerations of fashion, genre and even time itself. Which is, ironically, exactly why people will flock to their cause in vast numbers.


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