Scene and Heard – CCXXXV : Tears  –  Gaz (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

18835638_544273985696327_3772852888841904804_nPop music with a rock and roll spine? Rock music with plenty of funky grooves? Sassy contemporary soul with a bluesy bite? Well, how about we accept that Tears is all of that and more and we just call it music. And that is the art really, to not worry about where the generic boundaries are and just get on with the job of writing great songs and this is indeed a great song. Mixing immediate and accessible guitar hooks with deft picking, simple but never simplistic beats and a wonderfully slick vocal delivery, it then throws in a bit of a latin swing, something which should be naturally occurring in the DNA of any band from their part of the world.

In a world of pre-packaged, written to order, chart to bargain bin dross, it reminds us that there are other options available, that pop music can be built around integrity and clever construction. It also reminds us that not all rock music has to be centred on adolescent and “how tough do I look” poses…because, of course, the answer is “not very!” Tears rocks with the best of them and pops to perfection because it has soul and groove to spare, it also has wide appeal, discerning music fans will admire the way it is put together and mainstream pop fans will just want to dance the night away to its slinky rhythms.

There isn’t much new under the musical sun, and what is going on here is hardly new either, but it shows that even along the familiar and well-trodden musical pathways there is still more than enough room to be original as well as highly accessible. It isn’t always about breaking new ground, sometimes it is good enough to revisit old musical comfort zones, give them a new lick of paint, polish things up a bit and come out with a song that works just because it is a great tune. No gimmicks, no fashion statements, just great music for the sake of great music. Isn’t that how it should be anyway?


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