Scene and Heard – CCXXX :  My Infatuation (Love Vibration)  – Andrew Farstar (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Album CoverWhilst knowing where you come from is important as where you are going, any release manifests itself as just one waypoint along that musical direction of travel. Or as one famous game changer put it “it’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at” and musically where Farstar is at is interesting indeed. Having come from a more contemporary jazz and pop place, My Infatuation, from his second album Metamorphosis sees him heading into a more alt-pop, chilled EDM zone, one which combines deftly wrought dance vibes with a mellow delivery and as such appeals not only to the obvious clubland set but will find favour with a slightly more mature audience.

Many working in a similar field are happy to create fast and furious beats, “banging tunes” as the youth call them, I believe, but as in all things speed is easy to achieve, slower, more controlled, spacious and subtle music is a harder trick to pull off, but pull it off he does. Skittering dancefloor beats carry a smooth and sassy R&B groove and it has enough cool pop sensibility to break out and appeal to a wider audience. That’s a lot to fit into one tune.

And if My Infatuation contains the required groove and pace of a midnight dance floor or a mid set festival track, it also is sassy and sultry enough for the more laid back dance experience. It is built on confident beats and airy electronica but allows enough space between that the music never becomes claustrophobic or cluttered.Not everything has to be the fastest, the most intricate, the most driven; we have matured enough to get beyond that. What Andrew Farstar offers instead is solid and sexy, and when has that not been more than enough for a good night out.

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