21557970_335066653603932_89180223919673856_nIf Baby Is An Alien was a poignant piece of social commentary writ on a global scale and wrapped in dense neo-psychedelic clouds and swirling sonics, Pursuit of Love comes from a slightly less intense place. Painting the sort of bleak soundscape which gave Bowie’s more delicate songs their fractured and fragile grace, Aliens remain masters of emotion, using even the space between notes and the anticipation between the words to create the song’s beauty, and vague and poetic narrative threads to deliver its message.

The art of their film making is much like their approach to music, there are emotions, ideas, pleas and messages running through both forms but you need to find them yourself, interpret them as best fits your world view. This is not a rally or a lecture in the conventional sense, they  have too much respect for us than to be that crass, this is a thought provoking, late night conversation with like minded people.

Maybe the world changes one conversation at a time, one idea, one slight shift of perception, if so Aliens are as vital as any more obvious rallying cry…possibly more so, as it is obvious that their creations come straight from the heart and in this cynical and subverted age there aren’t many statements, political moves or social statements which drip with this much honesty and integrity.

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