Scene and Heard – CCXXIV : Black Water –  Thomas Abban (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Thomas_Abban__Cover_150_DPI_phixrBlack Water is one of those songs which takes you on a journey, I know it is a cliche and I don’t want to be that guy, but it is a sonic journey, one that builds from gentle jazz guitar noodling, through strange, indie-pop landscapes and finally unleashing into big dramatic deliveries before leaving by the musical door it arrived by. Anyone can build a song which runs from minimalism to crescendo, but few do it this organically…sorry, I mean naturally (…I really don’t what to me that guy!)

Abban displays a maturity which belies his young age  and shows too that he hasn’t forgotten the power of the mystic of music. Not just his love of wearing masks and his growing reputation for amazing live shows, but the intricate weaves of his songs and the parallel worlds that he conjures with his lyrics; part reality, part mythology, part a past that never was, part a world which might be, mark him out as something other, someone apart from the regular music scene. Why follow fashion when you can fashion whole worlds?

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