Scene and Heard  – CCXX: Just Fall  –  They Called Him Zone

20108304_1949297638681202_2631001033577887921_nRecently signed to Manchester’s Eromeda Records, They Called Him Zone continues its mission of building beguiling electronic landscapes. If the previous encounter with Crow Swan Wolf had something of dystopia about it, suggesting decaying urban vistas and shattered industrial wastelands, Just Fall conjures a whole different scene. This time out there is something of a less desolate about its vision for the future, something more complete, shiny and sleek but perhaps no less visceral.

Hypnotic electronica and clinical beats construct a platform for the vocals to rest on, alien and weary, human, yet somehow not quite human as well, gently building and almost  disarmingly soothing before razor sharp guitars cut through to gloriously unnerving effect. It is the sound of the future yet you can hear the past there too, the experimentalion of a whole load of Sheffield punks and musically disenfranchised Bowie devotees rewiring keyboards, playing with tape effects and ushering in New Romanticism and that brief, glorious window of opportunity before cash and commerciality seduced its great and good.

This is perhaps the sound of that movement had it stayed the course, cold, hard, hypnotic, unforgiving and wonderful.

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