Scene and Heard – CCXVIX : Anywhere, Everywhere – The Singer and The Songwriter 

7f6c48f9-ced1-44f7-aab5-6dd9e47bb282If ever a song encapsulated the idea of breaking free, of heading out into the great wide open, seeing the world and collecting the memories that will keep you warm later in life, the ones that enable you to look back and think…I have lived a full life…Anywhere, Everywhere is it. Documenting their nomadic life as jobbing musicians it is at once a celebration of their chosen profession and a life-affirming and aspirational message to others to follow their dreams.

This lead single from the forthcoming EP Directions comes with a wonderful travelogue video showing the realities of the life of those who make their living in the grassroots music scene, criss-crossing the country, seeing the sites, busking, gigging, sofa surfing, embracing the creative life and undertaking that journey together.

Musically the song centres around a universal folk format but jazzy vibes and bluesy moods help paint its own unique picture and the almost rock driven, dynamic lifts, stuttering and soaring brass stabs and the wide screen backing harmonies seem somehow to place it into a new strand of Americana, one which seems to be built on a cosmically aligned, slightly psychedelic groove.

It is this blend of the clear and simple, but definitely not simplistic, song lines and the ability to then shift into a sound which neatly reflects the big skies they are travelling under and the open horizons that they are heading into that is the songs real charm. If America is the land of the iconic road trip then this is its perfect soundtrack.

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