21192148_1497048320334661_8913161547468636188_nThe last time Leah Capelle crossed my path she was giving the music world a lesson in just how to match rock muscle with pop infectiousness to build the perfect pop-rock sound via the song Joshua. This time we find her in a more contemplative mood, one where reflective balladry and emotive acoustic folk deliveries are the core ingredients. This duet with Hayley Brownell, normally found keeping the beat in the band, was co-written about the experience of toxic relationships and having the strength to walk away and move forward without them.

It is a gloriously understated song, built on beautiful and passionate joint harmonies and a simple guitar line to root the whole thing down. We know that Leah is totally at home at the centre of a storm of sonic textures, layered instrumentation and big impactful sounds, so it is great to see that she, or should I say they, can make such emotive minimalism hit the listener with just as much force. Never understate the power of understatement.

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