Scene and Heard – CCLVI  : I Really Don’t Like U –  Kaiak (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

24910095_1897452123904703_7755233613764457329_nKaiak seem to work in creative juxtapositions as summed up by I Really Don’t Like U, a blend of sweet music and dark messaging. Lilting piano and a wonderfully understated delivery entice us in until the beat picks up and a jaunty, peppy pop song is unravelled before us. Musically it is full of light and perkiness and anyone not really paying attention might be forgiven for passing this off as just another piece of incidental pop.

But that would be to miss what is so clever about the song, its subversiveness. Bend your ear closer and you will hear a snarling piece of venom, a song laced with dislike and disgust, hatred even, but one that is wrapped up in such a great sugar coating that you have to pay attention. For though it is sung through bared teeth, it never once results to the cliches of the rock and the indie world of trying to come across testosterone fuelled and nasty. It is far too clever for that.

Subtlety is a great weapon, use it correctly and you can get your message under radars and passed preconceived notions of what pop is all about. Pop can be powerful, you just have to use it in the right way. I’m not sure if the song was written specifically about the man it features, it could be about a lot of people really, but as they say if the cap fits…

If I have one criticism it is the use of the U instead of You in the title. Yes, I’m a grumpy old pedant but come on guys, you are better than that, after all you aren’t 16 year old bedroom rappers trying to look cool. Coolness is inherent in the music and that’s the much more important thing.

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