Scene and Heard  – CCLXXV : Reach a Star –  Soundstream(reviewed by Dave Franklin)

12108198_1061870173845563_7424248225514096850_nRight from the start, there is something of the 90’s Rave scene about Reach a Star, the same vibrancy, the same euphoric rush, but there is also more than a hint of wild, Euro-pop and the slick clubland cool of the modern House scene. But it is also a song built on clever dynamic balance and the way those high octane beats are tempered by wonderfully sparse breakdowns, and vocal and rap interludes, is what marks this out as something very clever indeed.

So with it’s sonic extremes marked out, the song is free to wander between taking in vibrant electro experimentation, fierce dance floor grooves and chilled breakdowns, vocal sweetness and high octane urgency. It may start out in the nostalgic neon glow of rave culture’s past but for the most part this is the sound of Electronic Dance Music of today or even of an era still to come. A future where genres have become irrelevant and the rules are there to be ignored.

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