Scene and Heard – CCLXXIX : Shine On  –  Nelson King (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

71BBfr+JVyL.jpgI normally find Nelson King before me only in audio form, via one of his frequent and fabulous rock and roll rooted albums, ones which wander roots and blues byways gathering sonic gems and plucking musical flowers to create his wondrous sounds. So it is great to see the man behind the music featured in a video. Sure its just him doing the studio thing but after all this time of being fairly anonymous to me, it adds a certain personal touch.

Musically we find him in the more ambient climes of his usual sonic range. Acoustic guitar driven and only with the gentlest of urgency to the music, deft balladry rather than the groovesome rock and roll that is often his way. But it’s not like it is a surprising turn of events, we have had whole albums which have taken this tack, the aptly named Acoustic album of course and a previous collection of acoustic driven tunes cunningly titled The Collection. And even though he is a musical demon when he has everything cranked up, plugged in, low-slung and giving early 70’s Stones a run for their money, it all comes back to the fundamentals. As the old adage says, the proof of any decent tune is whether it sounds okay stripped back to an acoustic guitar.

Well, flying colours sir, this passes the test with room to spare. Was there any doubt given the previous track record? It’s a deft little groover, dextrously picked, simply beat driven and with a joyful sentiment at its heart. Why make things complicated when you can make them this effective. “Less is more” is a cliche for a reason and that reason is because it is true!

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