INSIDE_COVERI’m always a sucker for music which slightly confuses me, music which isn’t easy to just drop in one generic box, music which makes me want to listen deeper to get an understanding of what’s actually going on under the bonnet of that particular musical vehicle. And that is why this debut single from Welwyn Garden City has been on constant replay whilst I try to work it out. Not that music really needs to be worked out, but this is a review so that is the job at hand. Other wise it would be enough to put it on repeat, open a bottle of wine and just chill out.

It’s Not My Fault threads a line through some of the best moments of chilled pop past, from the psychedelic swirls of the later Beatles, through the more mellow, less beat driven moments of Everything But The Girl to the experimental pop pathways being explored by the likes of Air. And although there is a lot going on in the song, from the sumptuous harmony vocals and emotive piano motifs to the shimmering electronica, sweet but jagged guitar lines and orchestral sweeps, everything is separated out, give plenty of room to breath and work its magic.

People often observe that the music industry, and the pop end of it in particular, is now driven by a template sound, one that seems designed by a marketing team and fawns to this week’s trends, one which seems to be mass produced on sonic production lines and touted by dead behind the eyes divas and delusional chancers. That may be so but it is comforting to know that underneath that manufactured scene is a wealth of independent artists just waiting for the tables to turn, for their day in the sun, their quiet, peaceful and affable revolution. Imagine if that actually happened, that art rather than industry became the deciding factor, imagine if artists such as Welwyn Garden City (gloriously anti-pop name by the way)represented the new commercial sound. Wouldn’t that be something? We need to make that happen. We need to make that happen now!

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