Scene and Heard – CCLII : No Longer Me (Indian Song)  –  Minteer (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Taken from the album Calling All Aliens, No Longer Me is a beguiling blend of melodic pop, bluesy rock, eastern vibes and psychedelic trippery. A mix of retro 60’s insanity and futuristic conspiracy theory made into music, that said, for all its chronological musical references, its backward glancing and future prediction, it seems to sit in a genre of its own design and is difficult to place on the accepted time line, which is as music should be.

This is the swan song from an album which could best be described as a concept album, one of alien overlords and dystopian futures, but you can dispel all thoughts of 14 minute bass solos and wandering progressive rock dynamics, this is not that sort of concept album. If the likes of Rush were masters of such musical terrain, this is The Archies giving it a go, with The Spiders From Mars jamming along. Perhaps.

On the strength of this song, it is an album that you are going to want to check out. It will bemuse and amuse in equal measure, it will raise more questions than it answers, not least the question…how the hell did they get Paul Stanley to do guest vocals?


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