Scene and Heard – CCCXL : Big Tim –  Izzy The Cat (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

s-l400I’m going to break out one of my go-to and possibly made up words now. Ready? Groovesome! I’m not sure if you will find it in the dictionary but it is exactly the right word for Izzy The Cat’s blend of funky and infectious blues. Instrumentals they may be but his songs are proof positive that if you get the music right you can live without the lyrics. Hell, these tunes are more lyrical than half the bands you will hear ploughing a similar musical furrow…all put together.

I picked Big Tim as the title because it was the first one of the stack of four videos that landed with a righteous thud in my in box and its strutting and sultry ways are the perfect introduction to Catland. But to be honest any and all of them stand out, all could be lead tracks from an album or one off singles in their own right.

Mountaintops has that same blend of southern boogie and angelic guitar work that puts you immediately in mind of The Allman Brothers, Bumps is a brooding blues bruiser and Claire ramps up the intensity into wailing rock territory but not the skinny jeaned, complicated hair brigade of the current generation but the timeless bar room troubadours of yesteryear.

Izzy describes himself as a house cat…come on man, this music needs to be out there, even if I have to put the hat around myself and pay the travel expenses. (Don’t hold me to that, if I had any money I wouldn’t be sat home at night writing about music!)

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