Scene and Heard – CCCXXXIX : Not What I Want –  Jackie Dope (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

24301099_192738537949689_6955696907881915857_nRevelling in the past is all very well and good but the best music, or at least the most original,  seems to be made as people move things forward. It’s evolution, it’s forward-thinking, it is the way the world turns. Jackie Dope is the sound of the world turning and music moving into pastures new. Yes, you can break the song apart and find very recognisable musical building blocks being used, but it is what they are used to build which is the real charm.

Over a lazy and sultry hip-hop groove he hangs soulful vibes, trippy electronica, deft rap flows and a wonderful use of space and anticipation. It certainly beats with a chilled hip-hop heart but it also evokes a timeless soul, commercial R&B and a strange blend of cocktail lounge sophistication and urban street smarts. 

But I guess that is how the whole scene rolls forward and you can run a thread through blues, jazz and soul that eventually takes you to hip-hop and then beyond as that in turn has evolved into its own offshoots and sub-genres But they all come from the underground, form honest expression, from the street, from the heart, which is why blending them together seems such a natural thing to do. Then again, there always has to be someone who gets there first!

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