Scene and Heard – CCCXXX : Wicked Vicious – Nasty Little Lonely (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

thumbnailOne of the fun things about reviewing new music is the chance to make up intriguing, though ultimately pointless, new generic descriptions about the music under the spotlight. The fact you can do it at all says something about the band in question, to be able to find a new way to describe them in an already tightly labelled and pigeon-holed world speaks of the inherent originality. So ladies and goblinkind, I give you Splatter-punk! One part industrial noise, one part apocalyptic doom disco, one part horror sound track…a few visceral guitar riffs, cheese-grater to the skin bass lines and an avalanche of primal beats and you pretty much have it. And if such a generic title is actually something more than the product of my late night, coffee-wired, sleep deprived brain then Nasty Little Lonely would be its leading light. Or should that be dark.

Charlie Beddoes vocals are suitable manic, unhinged yelps acting as punctuation to the brutal lyrics, a delivery that wanders between sweetly innocent and “look out, she’s got a knife, “ and the music is as relentless and inhuman as you would expect. Throw in a video filled with pomegranates, dolls, scissors, wedding portraits revenge, a cat and a mad goth girl and the nightmare is complete.

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