Scene and Heard – CCCLI : All of a Sudden – Day Smoove (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

29067060_1571631816291877_6915047979653005312_oNot every piece of music has to start revolutions, similarly not every track has to merely re-invent the wheel, and between the cutting edge and the tried and tested you find Day Smoove and his latest track All of a Sudden, a blend of old-school, grooving hip-hop, confident street level rap and  skittering backbeats vibe. Okay, we have all heard something similar before, sort of, it’s built on a certain familiarity, for sure, and sticks faithfully to the rap canon of cool flow and edgy content but it is also cohesive, glossy, stylish, but also edgy and raw. Music that knows where it wants to go but hasn’t forgotten where it has come from.

But like any music worth its salt in the broad field of urban music, it is all about the lyrical delivery and Day Smoove makes his point via a strangely beguiling and brilliantly poetic flow. Musically there isn’t a lot between the beat and the vocals, some skittering electronica and little else but it is that space that leaves room for the lyrics to land with the required weight. Anyone who can create this much of an impact without breaking into a sweat knows exactly how music works. Less is more? Absolutley.

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