Scene and Heard – CCCXLIII : River – Talitha Rise (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

34266702_968866569958590_465129801217212416_n.jpgSome music has the ability to sound ancient, tribal, primitive yet simultaneously modern and of the here and now. River from Talitha Rise’s debut album, the evocatively named An Abandoned Orchid House, is just such a piece. It is a clever blend of ambient electronica, modern folk, world music harmonies that in part conjure memories of Karl Jenkins musical experiments, outsider alternative pop and classical grandure. The genre and generation hopping nature of the song is reflected in the video too which features a similarly eclectic collection of cool revellers and creative rebels.

Words such as ethereal, heavenly, otherworldly might be overused cliches but they also happen to be perfect for River which seems to flow and meander between worlds real and imagined, fantasy films, folk festivals, historical re-imaginings, the past and the present. Ethereal but not fey…a very important difference as this gem bristles with confidence too. 

In short if this is the calling card for the full album then I just need to know one thing…who do I give my money too to get a copy!

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