Scene and Heard – CCCXCIV: Stay All Night – The Solsters ft. Jerri (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

TheSolstersStayAll NightReno180921CDCVR copy.jpgStay All Night is one of those  songs that feels timeless both in sentiment and execution. People have been falling in love since the dawn of humanity and people have been chronicling it in song for almost as long. Stay All Night echoes with the soft and subtle chimes of the chilled end of 60’s soul and Motown but also manages to make those same classic sounds ring with enough modernity as to appeal to a modern audience.

Unlike a lot of soul being produced today, there is a tastefulness to the amount of space left in the song. Whereas many modern producers would endeavour to fill every space, every pause and every draw of breath between the words available, here only the softest of peripheral sounds and succinct harmonies are allowed to pervade through the atmosphere that is allowed to build between the beats.

The video returns to their familiar territory of animation that served them so will with (Now We’re) Done though swapping the more cartoon look for something akin to watching someone playing The Sims. But of course the focal point here is the music and whether you are looking for something that tips its musical hat back to the classic sounds of the past or uses such influences to create a gentle soul-pop hit for today, Stay All Night is the song and The Solsters are the band to deliver everything you need.

Stay All Night will be available on Spotify and iTunes from Oct 12

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