Scene and Heard – CCCX: She Wants –  Iam Justified ft. Layvon (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I_Am_Justified_Cover-660x400Iam Justified is that rarest of things in music today, especially music made in the broadly urban field. Iam Justified is a man who respects women. Too often is the fairer sex treated like just another possession in these musical genres, another material object to be lined up alongside the gold, the money the cars and the bottles of Cristal. Eye candy for the video generation. Thankfully there are still gentlemen left and She Wants is a celebration of a more chivalrous attitude that still prevails even in these tough times.

He also takes an original line with his music, rather than revelling in the usual overplayed production and studio gimmickry, apart from some cool, skittering percussion and gentle beats, the song is really built on the vocals, blending conventional R&B style deliveries, deft harmonies and rapped lyrical flow.

It’s a testament to being the good guy, to playing it cool and waiting for the girl to see through her current partner’s games. When that happens, you get to walk in and save the day like the cinema hero in the film that is her life.

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