Scene and Heard – CCCVIII : The Letting Go – Natalie Jean and Levi Moore (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

rsw-400cg-truem.jpegThis song has passed our way before, previously as an audio recording only but like all songs the right video can certainly underline and enhance the sentiment of a song and that is exactly what this part-performance, part-narrative video from Natalie Jean and Levi Moore does here. First time around we were concerned with its sonic qualities, which are rich, deep, soulful and lilting, such is the thrust of the audio format, but a video lets you dwell on the meaning via a storyline and the sheer power of visuals, and this is where the song becomes more than just a great piece of recorded work. It becomes a relatable and touching story.

Letting Go is a song about freedom, at its most personal and basic level, about not caring what others think and just allowing yourself to be free to love and be loved by who you want. Its soft and lilting country lines and sweet soulful depths capture both the sadness and the joyfulness of the subject as the video follows the perceived rejection and reconciliation of the young, would-be lovers of the story. Not only a fantastic ballad but an important life message.

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