Scene and Heard – CCCLXVIII: Beautiful Life  –  Shan Fernando (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

hqdefaultWe need more people like Shan Fernando in the world. It is very easy to use art, especially music, to rally against injustice, point out the problems around us and explore darker aspects of the world. And that is worthy and important work but sometimes it is healthy to just celebrate all the beauty and joy of life itself. Yes, the world is sometimes a troubled place, but it is also a wonderful place and Beautiful Life is all about reminding us of this.

It is, generically speaking, quite a timeless piece of music, timeless in that it doesn’t really fit with any of the modern fads or fashions but neither is it a call back to past styles. Instead it seems to be comfortable following its own direction, being both accessible and familiar but also original and fresh. Simple pop melodies and a wonderfully hooky piano riff provide the platform for Fernando’s clear and concise vocal and the result is a light and breezy song which sits somewhere between a pop ballad and a piece of musical theatre.

On the one hand it is an unobtrusive song, one which can sit in the background late at night or maybe just as a mood enhancer but once you begin to immerse yourself into just how wonderfully emotive and heartfelt it is you will realise that you have uncovered a real gem. It may not sparkle as brightly and obviously as some you may have seen but you will find yourself gazing into the myriad of subtle, shifting colours at its heart for years to come.

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