Scene and Heard – CCCLIV : I Am From Earth – Motazedi (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

51UhtjhMsVL._SS500If you ever doubted that music could be a unifying force then you need to see what Motazedi has been up to of late. For not only is I Am From Earth a wonderful life-affirming, cross-cultural slice of glorious and groovesome pop, its very creation is an act of bringing people closer together. Artists from Portugal, USA, Russia, Italy, Poland and the instigator himself in Canada provided their various contributions to the song remotely, only getting to virtually meet each other when the video itself was put together. How cool is that?

It’s a song with a great groove but an even better message. A message of unity, global community spirit and collaboration, of creativity and shared joy, something that the world seems in short supply of at the moment. As walls seem to be going up all over the planet, as we see people being excluded or treated differently based on any number of socially invented demarcations, we need projects like this, projects that take people at face value, that build musical bridges rather than social borders. In fact, this song needs to become the anthem for the growing movement that rejects culture, class, colour and creed and accepts that no matter where we are from or what we look like we are all citizens of the same small planet. We are all from earth. Let’s make that happen. Who’s with me?

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