I’ve had a couple of Christmas songs land in the “to be reviewed” pile already but Say You Love Me For Christmas, the timely new single from Les Fradkin, is the one that truly sounds like the holidays have begun. Some people try to put their own spin on the seasonal song but Les Fradkin is smart enough to know that a Christmas songs needs to sound like, well, a Christmas song. And this very much does.

Its big and rich and wide-screen. It is full of the warmth and sentiment that the season brings out in us. It is filled with fun and all the expected imagery. It’s chorus is a brilliant sing-along and between the beat and the bells and the buoyant nature of the song, even if you haven’t learned the words (though you’ll have that sorted by the time the chorus comes around for the second time) you can just bop and bounce along.

Not just an early Christmas present but the starting pistol being fire to tell us that Christmas preparations can begin in earnest.

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