Say It – Tom Greer feat. Sarah Wade (reviewed by Dave Franklin)


tom-greer-say-itHere’s the scene. I’m sat at a desk with a tower of CD’s precariously stacked either side of me, both probably contravening any number of health and safety laws and falling largely into two categories. Those on the left still think it is a good idea to try and recreate the heyday of Green Day; those on the right seem enthralled by The Libertines musical chaos. The thought of writing about either isn’t filling me with much joy. Thank goodness for Tom Greer’s latest fab and groovy waxing landing on my desk (well, inbox but that ruins the image somewhat.)


Say It is a contemporary jazz odyssey, wandering through soundscapes and structures, which seem to link more traditional forms with the free flowing ethic of nu-jazz. As such it is cool enough to appeal to the modern fan but also is crafted from building blocks that will appeal to the more demanding purist. Originally two versions of the track were recorded with Tom providing vocals for one and Sarah Wade, an artist who’s path seems to run parallel to and occasionally entwining with his, the other. Thankfully some clever label head honcho pointed out that a duet version incorporating both vocalists was the way to go and the result is a wonderful trade off of rich and emotive vocals.


Not a jazz fan? Well, maybe this is the place to give it a go. Marvel at the virtuosity of the playing, the groovesome beats, the skittering percussion, the pulsing bass lines, the mesmerising intricacies of the song…whatever works for you but believe me, after a couple of listens you will be asking yourself why you haven’t explored the genre more fully. Great music can do that to you.

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