Save Me – Evok (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Pop music gets bad press these days because people have forgotten just how good pop music can be. Just because your average chart single seems to be a predictable slice of style over substance, throwaway, saccharine dross, doesn’t mean that that is all it is capable of being. And just because a song is hovering just outside the mainstream gaze, doesn’t mean that it isn’t capable of being the most infectious pop hit. Evok‘s Save Me is the perfect example of this.

Pop? Sure. But pop infused with some slightly nostalgic soul, with a hint of underground 90’s R&B and timeless funk strut. Poised pop…is that a genre, well, I guess it is now… deftly constructed and with all the moves and grooves, all the swagger and sass to make you think that you have been listening to the track all of your life. Isn’t that everything pop music should be about? Isn’t that the sonic hit you want to be soaking up on a Friday night about midnight in the coolest dance club in town? Because, in a perfect world, that’s where it belongs.

And, until the perfect world is ushered in, Evok in general and Save Me in particular, will have to be our little secret. Make sure you don’t tell too many people about it…wink wink.

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