Satisfied – Ashley J. (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

ASHLEY J SINGLE COVER ARTWORKAshley J is possibly the perfect pop product for the moment. She effortlessly combines that modern take on a retro image that is in vogue, with slick and vibrant, dance driven pop grooves. And if previous singles such as Trapped and Unbreakable have played a fairly straight forward hand, this time out she shows a more understated side to her music, where a chilled dance groove is more prevalent than here usual infectious beats.

But it proves that within her realm of accessible and commercial music, she can turn her hand to almost anything, Satisfied being an ultra-slick, slightly futuristic blend of restraint and wide-screen musicality. It temptingly holds back when you expect it to run wild, it builds big sounds without swamping the song with too much instrumentation and the depth and texture it carries is the result of creating enough space to let the songs individual components breath and flow, to have time and room to let the listener become beguiled by its restraint and fragility.

Ashley has been building an image as a new breed of pop icon, Satisfied, with all its  futuristic grace and cutting edge sonic creativity, shows that she has the ability to cross over into other genres as well, any time she choses.

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