Anything that puts me in mind of All About Eve is going to be good with me. That may be a lazy way to start talking about Eve Vine’s fine new single but it does come swathed in similar psychedelic meets gothic textures, the same translucent beauty, the same sonic elegance. But whereas Julianne Reagan and the crew quickly headed out into more pastel and Pre-Raphaelite territory, Evi Vine stays closer to the swirling dark riches that AAE’s early demos marked them out for.

On further reflection, The Cocteau Twins might make for a closer point of contact, employing a similar dynamic of dreamlike drift coupled with cavernous wall of guitar enormity and ferocity meets fragility dynamic. Even though it weighs in at over six minutes it keeps the listener engaged through ever shifting musical attacks, through the vulnerability of the vocals, through its ever changing nature, its light and shade, its venom and vision.

Sabbath blends rock muscle with ethereality, power with poise, delicate textures with destructive, white-noise riffs. It comes as no surprise to find bass guitar contributions from Simon Gallup of The Cure and guitar  work by Peter Yates of Fields of the Nephilim  here and with a forth-coming album, Black Light White Dark  also featuring such notables as Martyn Barker of Shriekback, and Faust’s Geraldine Swayne to follow soon, all I can say is where do I send my money!

Actually the answer to that last question is HERE with even more merch and bundle deals available HERE

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