Run Through – Buddha Tha God (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Rap, and the hip-hop form which it grew from, has always been music with a well-developed consciousness, the perfect vehicle for raising concerns, for shouting from the rooftops about the fears and frustrations of those caught in a certain place or locked into a certain life style. Here, that consciousness takes on the form of street philosophy, mixing images of metaphorical mountains and analogies of flowers growing towards the light with the sound of people trying to break their own cycles and build themselves a better life.

The guitars seem to belong to a more pop environment, but their gentle chimes and soft resonance makes for the perfect counterpoint for the brasher and more abrasive vocal flows. And the space left between the skittering percussion and unfussy, solid beats, and the vocals means that everything has enough room to percolate properly making the end result more impactful. 

You could fill this musical middle ground with the usual wandering electronica or additional vocals, or all manner of gimmicks and musical gizmos but Buddha Tha God knows it is the compelling words, the dexterous deliveries and the power of the lyrics that is all you really need for people to take notice. This simple blend of street smart sonics and more metaphysical references is the perfect balance of reality and philosophy, space and impact, power and poise. It isn’t about keeping things simple, it is about daring to be direct which is the reason that this message hits home so effectively. Bang!

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