Run In Colour – Vela Rosa (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There seems to be a sonic trend in music of late, one that sees some of the signature sounds of the ’80s being laced through more modern stances and more of the moment styles. But Vela Rosa seem to have a more discerning retrospective vision and whilst the competition is happy nfusing their music with all manner of synthy shimmers and Day-Glo pop moves, this is a band that have their targets fixed on the more guitar orientated cool of the previous decade.

But Run In Colour is more than just a meander through past guitar glories, it is also very much an album made in the here-and-now and it is the collision between the past and present, the traditional and the more forward-thinking, the what was and the what might be, that creates a sound which ticks plenty of boxes for the more discerning music fan.

If the intro snippet seems to be an outtake from a Doors soundcheck, a dark dionysian guitar groove laced with drug fumes and brooding cinematic presence, then it sets the tone perfectly. There are Bowie-esque rock and roll experiments with Gone & Rolling, songs that seem to splice modern indie cool with classic bluesy, rock ‘n’ roll swagger such as Looking For the Right Way and there’s even room for the country, stoner-ballads with Tellin’ You.

What I love about the album is that, even though it is the product of the modern studio, it clearly echoes a more innocent and less technically driven time. Whether this is due to a wish to replicate the honesty and rawness of times past or due to their own available budget or restrictions is hardly relevant. All that matters is that it suits the album perfectly.

The perfect blend of then and now and possibly even a few shots of what next thrown in for good measure!

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