Part country, part rock and all groove, Run A Little Faster is the most excellent new single from Doyle Turner, and it neatly blends the swagger and lilt of the former with the drive and weight of the latter. Rootsy twang married to rock ‘n’ roll energy.

But more than anything, it is the sheer infectiousness of the song that catches you, that and the way that the song can employ wonderfully spiralling riffs and deft guitarwork and still be the most simply addictive thing you have heard this year. The real skill is knowing when to play it straight and when to throw in something more intricate. It is a skill that Turner has in no small amount.

Also, you have to marvel at how deftly done everything is, the poise and polish of the arrangements and the composition is the real charm here. The way that the guitar riffs play call and response with the lyrics. The gorgeous tones and textures formed by the interplay of the twin voices, Turner worldly and solid, Sarah Morris acting as a softer and oft-ethereal counterpart. The way that shuffling drums both tether the song and also drives it forward. Everything just does its job perfectly, no extraneous frills, no showboating, everyone and everything just serving the song. Exactly as it should be.

If country music is your thing, this is for you. More of a rock person; there is plenty here for you to love. Alt-country? Check! Americana? Yes, siree. Pop? Well, of course, you wouldn’t label such a song pop, but if pop’s hallmarks are infectiousness, groove, beat and energy, then maybe that is something that needs to change.

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