14702399_10153748578987260_1597479584799105647_nThis “lament to Liverpool” covers a lot of ground over its four or so minutes. It starts by dwelling in minimalism and atmospherics as Laura’s emotive and crystal voice yearns for the city she left for London’s bright lights. A heartbeat drum builds the dynamic, not to mention the tension, before the song explores its glorious potential of expansive vocal treatments and widescreen cinematic lustre.

It feels like part of the soundtrack to a film not yet made, one about new lives, new adventures but one cocooned in nostalgia and wistful reflections. Soundtracks are usually the add on to a finished film production, a score to underline the visuals on the screen, but if ever a song demanded a film be shaped around its slow burning grandeur then this is it. Who’s up for the challenge?


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