There is a wonderful sophistication running through this latest release from Mario Millner, something deftly crafted being delivered here, a mature sound that comes from the perfect mix of funky grooves, soulful vocals and blues-rock guitar work. In a world were we often hear about the necessary sacrifice of substance for style to get your song noticed, Millner reminds us that is possible to have both those elements equally at play in a song. 

Splicing a gentle yet infectious groove with slick vocals, sumptuous accompanying harmonies and guitar licks that wander between soulful intricacies and full on rock noodling, Robbin’ Me Blind proves to be the perfect nod to those generic traditions but more importantly a slice of modern soul that strides confidently into new horizons.

And that is the art of it, I guess, it is easy to work slavishly to existing templates but that way lies the pitfalls of pastiche and plagiarism. The more worthy approach is to deliver a dose of fresh, forward-thinking creativity but also make it resonate with just enough familiarity that you win over both the stalwarts who know what they like and those looking for the next musical chapter alike. And that is exactly what Mario Millner seems so great at, after all, who else would you trust to come up with a song that simultaneously sounds like a long lost classic and a step into the future. Revolution is fine under the right circumstances, but this is the sound of sonic evolution and after all, where would we be without evolution?

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