The on-going pandemic has led to many different reactions from people trapped and traumatised by such unprecedented times. Anger fear, compassion, a renewed sense of unity, even laughter as a survival mechanism and everything in between. And music artists are no different but they do have a more public platform through which to express themselves. Rise, stands out amongst that wave of creative response because of its reflective and thoughtful attitude. The message, generally speaking, is that whilst there are many things that we can’t control in these difficult times, from our own individual health concerns to lockdown regulations, from the stress and strain of isolation to the media spin and politicisation of the whole event, we can control our reaction to such things.

International Show uses deft and deliberate raps, well chosen words and perfectly delivered lyrics to response to the current pressures. It’s a call to rise above things, to be the bigger man, to remember what is important and to keep the faith so that we can all emerge from the other side of these trials and tribulations better people, perhaps building blocks for a better and braver new world.

Restraint is the name of the game, certainly that’s the message, though musically that restraint evolves from minimalist rap rhythms into a full blown gospel explosion, a wall of intertwined vocals rising up to give Rise its full, dramatic impact, to help it over the line, to deliver the killer sonic blow.

Who knows what the “new normal” might look and feel like. Perhaps it is anything that we want it to be, maybe we just have to start building it in our minds now so that we can build it in reality later. Maybe it is as simple as that. International Show tuning in minds one person at a time!


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