As I was reminded many moons ago when listening to Big Love, rock music doesn’t have to be brash and bombastic, all angular and edgy. Sure, it can embrace such sonics and be excellent, but take those more abrasive qualities and use smoother elements to temper them somewhat and you get an altogether different beast. One that balances groove with grace, muscle with melody, power with poise. You get The Sheyana Band.

Ricochet, their new ep, is all of those things and more. Big Hearts, which kicks things off, is smooth and deftly assembled yet runs on drive and energy, Remarkable Man takes them swaggering down a boogie-some bluesy pathway, and My Darlin’ shows that they are just as potent when delivering soul-infused understatement as they are when wielding foot-on-the-moniter rockers.

The title track is infectious country-rock, Know My Name has a dark and delicious voodoo vibe and Back In Time is roots music propelled into epic realms.

Is there no music style they cannot make their own? It would seem not!

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