Red Hot – Los Plantronics (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

image003You know the world is a small place when you find yourself listening to a 9-piece mariachi-surf band channelling Gene Vincent…from Oslo! You know that the world is an unpredictable place when you read that the band re-invented their whole sound to fit in with the artwork and title of what is now their forthcoming album. Who does that? Well, Los Plantronics it would seem. Lead single “Red Hot” takes a 50’s rock and roll stance but it comes from an album that promises everything from tex-mex to sixties garage, surf-psych work outs and Tijuana brass, pretty impressive for an album recorded just outside Oslo, probably as far away from any surf scene as you can get. But if you want to hop an imaginary ride to Trashville then this is what you will be playing on the eight-track. Mad, intriguing, genuinely unique. File under – Vikings invade Mexico.

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