14359121_1834031576816614_3153962082404748390_nIf the Paisley Underground movement of the early 80’s celebrated the acid tinged folk and country psychedelia of the likes of The Byrds and Love, the self-styled and punningly marvellous Paisley Overground is able to plunder from both the originators and the revivalists. Geography also means that there is also a different set of cultural references at work and they are able to come at the music armed with a quintessentially English eye.


Pete Falloon’s latest release is as a taster for the forth-coming long player Reed in the River (and you can download  from his band camp page) and it fits neatly into the ethic of that burgeoning scene. As well as influences such as Simon and Garfunkel, James Taylor and the aforementioned Byrds, hints of early R.E.M and even The Stone Roses find their way in. The Summer of Love may have passed into the stuff of legend so maybe the idea of an Autumn of Appreciation isn’t such a bad one.

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