Reaching For Clouds –  Joe Jermano (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

14124545_1633216813635542_4202196361319736515_oThere is something of the smooth yet sophisticated West Coast vibe of Steely Dan which greets the listener as Reaching For Clouds dances past and as accolades go they don’t get a lot better than that in my opinion. But in the same way that they were much maligned and labelled soft rock by those who didn’t understand the musical nuances, textured layers and lyrical poignancy of the aforementioned band, Joe Jermano also makes music that needs to be listened too properly to appreciate its delicious subtleties.

The casual listener may just hear what appears to be mainstream rock delivered with a jazz infused vibe, and yes, it is that but it is so much more besides. Beneath these smooth lines are jagged edges and little musical thorns, distant searing electronica and visceral musical motifs and it is this play off between the slick and the seriated, the textured and the turbulent that makes the song so vibrant. But that is the thing with music, it isn’t always about first impressions, in fact with the best music the opposite is definitely true and this single from Jermano’s recent album Dreaming in Color, is definitely a song that gets more enjoyable with every subsequent play. Music isn’t just about initial gratification the most interesting is also an aesthetic investment and therefore the most rewarding.

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